Fire Safety and Other Potential Holiday Hazards

Winter greens and flickering lights are hallmarks of the holiday season; however, 它们还带来了火灾风险,可能会把一个节日变成一个毁灭性的节日. Read on to learn how to keep your family safe.

Holiday candles

当温度下降,令人愉快的一串串灯开始出现在门廊上, the holidays have arrived. 这是一个与朋友和家人一起庆祝和聚会的时刻, 这也是检查必要的安全防范措施的重要时刻——更是如此, 如果你打算在一年中的这个特殊时间招待客人的话. 当你装饰大厅,用热可可干杯时, why not give yourself the gift of reassurance, too?

Keep Your Live Christmas Tree Safe

The smell of a live Christmas tree in the home is a time-honored tradition; however, while beautiful, 在节日期间,活树会造成额外的火灾危险.

根据美国国家消防协会(NFPA)的数据,在2014年至2018年期间,美国消防协会的数据显示.S. fire departments responded to an average of 160 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year. These fires caused an average of two deaths, 14 injuries, and $10 million in direct property damage annually.

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

  • 一定要选择一棵有新鲜、绿色针叶的树,而且触碰时不会掉下来
  • 在把树放在树桩上之前,从树干底部砍下2英寸
  • 确保树离热源至少3英尺远
  • Make sure the tree is not blocking an exit
  • Add water to your tree stand daily

Upgrade Your Christmas Lights

白炽的“旧”风格的圣诞灯可以看起来温暖和愉快, but the older they are, the more likely the wires aren’t in great shape. 而一些传家宝饰品是传统树木装饰的必需品, 考虑把旧的灯具换成led风格的灯具, 哪一种不阻隔热量,也不需要像白炽灯一样的功率.

Better yet, opt for a pre-lit LED tree, 这使得装饰很容易,没有打结的电线来解开.

Deck the Hearth with Battery Operated Candles

Some centerpieces and Instagram-ready holiday tableaus just wouldn’t be the same without candles – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to break out a lighter. 电池供电的茶灯和支柱蜡烛提供了一个安全, easy alternative to beautiful illumination, and are safe to use around kids and pets, as well as in botanical centerpieces.

If you plan on using candles often, consider rechargeable versions, which offer virtually unlimited candle-like light without the hassle of changing batteries, or the danger of open flames.

Simmer for Dinner: Keep a Timer Handy

It happens to even the most experienced holiday hosts – you start a side dish in a pot or pan, get distracted while chatting with dinner guests, and suddenly the smoke alarm is drowning out that ambient Christmas carol music station.

Set a timer on your smartphone, via your smart speaker, or use an old-fashioned bell timer to make sure you don’t need to order last-minute pizza to save the day – or your kitchen. 即使是最好的厨师在事情变得繁忙时也会忘记一两个平底锅.

Plan and Decorate Responsibly Outdoors

Friendly rivalries abound when it comes to out-doing neighbors with holiday decorations, but don’t let competition outweigh good sense. 树木和灌木在寒冷的冬天更干燥,更容易燃烧, so avoid placing old-fashioned incandescent lights on top of dead brush and leaves whenever possible.
把灯放在计时器上,以避免过度消耗电力, and always ensure that any extension cords or “splitters” are rated for outdoor use and covered to avoid potentially dangerous sparks.

Check Over Your Home’s Fire Safety Equipment

If you have a fire extinguisher in your house, such as in a kitchen cabinet, make a habit of checking it at the end of the year. If it needs replacement or recharging, be sure to do so before your home fills with guests; this will keep your loved ones safe in the event of an emergency.

While many homeowners use daylight savings time to check their smoke detector batteries, 假期也是检查这些的好时机. Better yet, upgrade to a combination smoke detector / carbon monoxide detector for even more peace of mind.

Practicing good fire safety and enjoying the holidays without worrying doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive traditions. No matter which holidays you celebrate this winter, the welcome warmth of your home and the safety of your friends and family is a gift that truly keeps on giving.


Preparing Your Home For Winter

在华盛顿州西雅图为你的家准备过冬If you’re a homeowner who lives in a colder climate, 那你就明白为冬天做准备的重要性了. There are so many factors that can occur when the colder weather sets in and it’s important that you’re ready for various scenarios. 让我们来看看你可以做些什么来保护你的家.

Have Homeowners Insurance

购买保险是保护房子的最好方法之一. Making sure that you have the right policy is important so that it takes into account any seasonal concerns you may have.

Clear Your Gutters

特别是如果你的冬天经常下雨的话, it’s important that your gutters are clear. 积水会导致屋顶渗漏或管道破裂, 因此,任何雨水都有一条清晰的路径远离你的房子,这是至关重要的.

Clean Your Chimney

在雪地里玩了一整天后,谁不喜欢温暖的篝火呢? 如果你打算在这个季节使用壁炉, 对它进行定期维护是很重要的. Not cleaning out your chimney could be dangerous, 所以,确保你的待办事项清单上已经勾选了这一点,这一点很重要.

Maintain Wood Exteriors

If you have a wood exterior on your home, 然后确保它与其他元素隔绝是很重要的. 这将帮助你确保你的取暖费用尽可能低, as well as maintain the integrity of your house.

Are Your Windows Insulated?

如果你的取暖费比你想象的要高, consider the insulation around your windows. Many people don’t consider that windows are an excellent way for heat to escape and cold air to enter your home. 确保你的窗户上装有隔热材料,以免受到寒风的侵袭.

Weatherstrips are a great way to make sure that your windows and doors are prepared for harsh winters. 它们相对便宜,将来还能帮你省钱.

Take a Look at Your Yard

里面有很多东西需要你的关注, 但别忘了考虑院子里可能存在的危险. Trimming any tree branches around your house is a great way to prepare for winter storms and make sure that your house is as safe as possible.

Check Your Heater

If winter means cold weather where you live, then make an appointment to have a professional come take a look at your heating system. While they’re there, have them peek at your cooling system as well and make sure that everything’s in check. It’s best to have your systems checked sooner rather than later so that you know you can use them as soon as you need to.

Have Any Questions?

We’re experts when it comes to protecting houses, so we know what it takes to prepare for the winter. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message and we can provide you with more specifics.

Can I Still Buy Life Insurance If I’ve Had Covid-19?

Did you test positive for the Covid-19 virus and still want a life insurance policy to protect your loved ones? Here’s what you need to know beforehand.

Man signing life insurance contract

当像Covid-19大流行这样千载难逢的事件发生时, it’s only natural for people to consider their families and loved ones with an eye towards the future. The peace of mind offered by life insurance – a spouse that won’t struggle to pay the bills, children’s educational needs taken care of, medical bills paid without impacting an estate, 以及更多——是一种缓解对新冠病毒恐惧担忧的天然香脂.

在感染Covid-19后,开一份新的寿险保单是一个可行的选择吗? Thankfully, the answer is yes, 尽管诚实是获得适当报道的一个极其重要的因素.

就像人寿保险支付总是遵循某些保护性条款一样, 比如无法从犯罪活动中获利, both insurer and insured need to enter into a policy well informed about where they stand.

Not all life insurance companies will offer coverage for new policyholders that have been previously infected with the Covid-19 virus, but those that do will usually state it clearly, or will answer readily if asked. When in doubt, ask your insurance agent directly.

High-Risk People, Places, and Jobs

而申请人只需要提供所需的资料, it’s in your best interests to ask questions and to carefully read any policy you’re considering after a Covid diagnosis.

敞口风险将是你方报价的决定性因素, 所以如果你最近去过或居住在高风险/高传播地区, 或者在一个经常暴露于危险的岗位上工作, 请注意这些事实可能会影响您的可用覆盖范围.

Do not omit requested information or attempt to conceal risk factors; this will only negatively impact results if your policy is needed to protect your loved ones. Your insurance agent is ready and able to honestly answer any questions you may have about the insurance process or your desired policy, don’t be afraid to ask. Remember, 他们是主题专家,不管你的问题是什么, 很可能他们已经在行动中看到了答案.

If you are actively infected with Covid-19 and either hospitalized or an inpatient at a medical facility, ask your life insurance agent about their teleconferencing capabilities to keep both yourself and your agent safe. 如果保单文件或表格是开始您的保单所必需的, keep in mind that most hospitals have a notary public on staff for any official paperwork that may be required.

如果你已经采取措施减少感染Covid-19的可能性, 例如接种疫苗或后续的疫苗“强化注射”, 一定要告诉你的人寿保险代理人. This proactive step may be beneficial to your quote.

Getting a Covid Life Insurance Policy? Let Someone Know.

Covid aftereffects can appear extremely quickly, 特别是激进的Delta变种, 哪些可以重新感染那些已经感染了基本病毒的人, even when immunized.

There may not always be time for an extended outside-the-hospital conversation once a positive diagnosis or relapse of symptoms occurs. Additionally, restricted visitation policies in medical facilities make these discussions nearly impossible after admission.

If you plan to obtain a life insurance policy after you’ve been diagnosed with Covid-19, 一定要让你所有的受益人都知道这件事, and give copies of policy paperwork to a friend, family member, or lawyer for safekeeping.

当事情变得难以置信的混乱和困难时, having this important information accessible will help support and protect your wishes for your family and loved ones.